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The Can Fairy

"The Can Fairy"
Black and White Pencil Drawing
Cloudless Designs

Welcome to the online portfolio of Rebecca Rumble. All artwork is copyright, if you have any queries about the work please go to the contact page and send me an email.

News & Updates

March 2011

Page 7 and 8 of my Chanteah project are now complete I will be adding them to my portfolio soon. I have some more illustrations to add as well as a few sketches. Currently working on a couple of commissions and refreshing the website. I loved this layout but I think it''s time to try something new. Follow me on twitter @art_rumble.

Posted on 2011-03-22 19:45:41

Current Projects

The Can Fairy 2 - I have been working on a second version of The Can Fairy which I am close to finishing I should be able to post the work up soon.
Chanteah Page 7 - This page is about 75% complete I just need to finish the shading and tidy it up, I'm looking forward to posting it.
Chanteah Page 8 - I have started this page and I have sketched it out and started some of the shading work.
Sink City - This is a brief for my Children's illustration course. I have started the thumbnails and have avague idea of what I am going to do for this brief now.

Posted on 2010-06-01 16:17:32

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